One Community, One World
Q1: What is Innovation-Hut?
Innovation-Hut is a community aiming to create a space to share ideas and to emphasize the principle of community creation and sharing of source code.

Q2: What are the services provided by Innovation-Hut?
Innovation-Hut provides many services to its members including technical articles, code samples, books reviews, discussion boards, and Resources (Tools and videos).

Q3: How can I submit an article in Innovation-Hut?
You can get all the information and guidelines on how to submit an article to Innovation-Hut on the Submit Article Rules page.

Q4: Why members can't post an article by themselves?
Because the articles must be reviewed by Innovation-Hut editors for missing contents, wrong information, and ensure the integrity of style.

Q5: How do I get the contact information of Innovation-Hut Team?
You can visit Contact us Page to get information on how to contact us.

Q6: How can I submit a bug report or send feedback about Innovation-Hut?
You can submit a bug report to webmaster@innovation-hut.com