About us
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About us
Innovation-Hut Community
Innovation-Hut is a community aiming to creating a space to share ideas and to emphasize the principle of community creation and sharing of source code. The community will offer many ways to share ideas and Source Code with the community members. At Innovation-Hut we advocate the community philosophy. Collaboration is the primary target of Innovation-Hut. Also we believe that knowledge must be free.

Innovation-Hut Mission
Our mission in innovation-hut is to provide the IT Professionals with all resources needed to enhance their technical knowledge, and to let them to free their innovative ideas.

Innovation-Hut Team
Innovation-Hut community is managed by a group of a talented and innovative team, which has the suitable knowledge in various kinds of technologies.

Innovation-Hut Goals
To be world-class IT community and a valuable collaboration space, not only through online connections, but also through live communications and meetings.

Innovation-Hut Membership
Innovation-Hut is member in the most of the international community associations.